In old China a monster referred to as Taowu was once recognized for either its vicious nature and its energy to determine the earlier and the longer term. Over the centuries Taowu underwent many incarnations till it turned identifiable with background itself. because the 17th century, fictive debts of background have accommodated themselves to the substantial nature of Taowu. relocating without difficulty around the whole twentieth-century literary panorama, David Der-wei Wang delineates the numerous meanings of chinese language violence and its literary manifestations. making an allowance for the campaigns of violence and brutality that experience rocked generations of Chinese—often within the identify of enlightenment, rationality, and utopian plenitude—this publication areas its arguments alongside comparable axes: background and illustration, modernity and monstrosity. Wang considers smooth chinese language background as a posh of geopolitical, ethnic, gendered, and private articulations of bygone and ongoing occasions. His dialogue levels from the politics of decapitation to the poetics of suicide, and from the typology of starvation and hunger to the expertise of crime and punishment.

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