By Alonzo C., Thompson

content material: Allelopathic learn in agriculture : previous highlights and strength / Alan R. Putnam --
Economics of weed regulate in vegetation / J.M. Chandler --
evaluate of the allelopathic results of weeds on box vegetation within the humid midsouth / C.D. Elmore --
Chemistry and biology of allelopathic brokers / N. Bhushan Mandava --
The involvement of allelochemicals within the host choice of parasitic angiosperms / David G. Lynn --
Sesquiterpene lactones and allelochemicals from Centaurea species / K.L. Stevens and G.B. Merrill --
Fractionation of allelochemicals from oilseed sunflowers and Jerusalem artichokes / E.J. Saggese, T.A. Foglia, G. leather-based, M.P. Thompson, D.D. money owed, and P.D. Hoagland --
Biosynthesis of phenolic compounds : chemical manipulation in larger crops / Stephen O. Duke --
Allelopathic brokers from universal weeds : Amaranthus palmeri, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, and comparable weeds / Nikolaus H. Fischer and Leovigildo Quijano --
Allelopathic brokers from Parthenium hysterophorus and Baccharis megapotamica / Bruce B. Jarvis, N.B. Pena, M. Madhusudana Rao, Nilgun S. Cömezoglu, Taha F. Cömezoglu, and N.B. Mandava --
results of allelochemicals on mineral uptake and linked physiological approaches / Nelson E. Balke --
results of allelochemicals on plant-water relationships / F.A. Einhellig, M. Stille Muth, and M.K. Schon --
Mechanisms of allelopathic motion in bioassay / G.R. leather-based and F.A. Einhellig --
Phytotoxic compounds remoted and pointed out from weeds / G.F. Nicollier, D.F. Pope, and A.C. Thompson --
Phytotoxicity of root exudates and leaf extracts of 9 plant species / Daniel F. Pope, A.C. Thompson, and A.W. Cole --
The influence of root exudates on soybeans : germination, root progress, nodulation, and dry-matter creation / Daniel F. Pope, A.C. Thompson, and A.W. Cole --
Rye (Secale cereale L.) and wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) mulch : the suppression of yes broadleaved weeds and the isolation and identity of phytotoxins / Donn G. Shilling, Rex A. Liebl, and A. Douglas Worsham --
Allelopathy in tall fescue / Elroy J. Peters and K.T. Luu --
Germination rules through Amaranthus palmeri and Ambrosia artemisiifolia / Judith M. Bradow --
The impression of secondary plant compounds at the institutions of soil microorganisms and plant roots / R.E. Hoagland and R.D. Williams --
Antimicrobial brokers from vegetation : a version for reports of allelopathic brokers? / Alice M. Clark, Charles D. Hufford, Farouk S. El-Feraly, and James D. McChesney --
A survey of soil microorganisms for herbicidal task / R.M. Heisey, J. Defrank, and A.R. Putnam --
Use of bioassays for allelochemicals in aquatic crops / Lars W.J. Anderson --
Allelopathic elements from a marine alga (Nannochloris sp.) / Ralph E. Moon and Dean F. Martin --
evidently taking place elements that inhibit the expansion of Hydrilla verticillata / Patricia M. Dooris and Dean F. Martin --
Oxygenated fatty acids : a category of allelochemicals from aquatic crops / Robert T. Van Aller, George F. Pessoney, Van A. Rogers, Edward J. Watkins, and Harold G. Leggett --
Spikerush (Eleocharis spp.) : a resource of allelopathics for the keep an eye on of bad aquatic crops / F.M. Ashton, J.M. Di Tomaso, and L.W.J. Anderson --
advancements within the synthesis of strigol and its analogs / A.B. Pepperman, Jr. and E.J. Blanchard --
a much better partial synthesis of (±)-strigol / Oliver D. Dailey, Jr. and Sidney L. Vail --
Strigol : overall synthesis and practise of analogs / Dee W. Brooks, Eileen Kennedy, and H.S. Bevinakatti --
Strigol syntheses and comparable structure-bioactivity experiences / Sidney L. Vail, Oliver D. Dailey, Jr., W.J. Connick, Jr., and A.B. Pepperman, Jr.

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