By Claudia Ross, Baozhang He

Modern Mandarin chinese language Grammar Workbook is a publication of workouts and language projects for all freshmen of Mandarin chinese language. Divided into sections, the Workbook in the beginning presents workouts in accordance with crucial grammatical constructions, and strikes directly to perform daily services reminiscent of making introductions, apologizing and expressing needs.

With an in depth resolution key on the again to allow scholars to examine on their development, major positive aspects include:

  •  exercises at a number of degrees of problem for a huge variety of rookies
  • cross-referencing to the comparable Modern Mandarin chinese language Grammar
  • a finished index to workouts alphabetically prepared by way of buildings, capabilities, and key chinese language constitution vocabulary.

This moment variation additionally bargains a revised and accelerated number of workouts together with new task-based routines.

Modern Mandarin chinese language Grammar Workbook is perfect for all newbies of Mandarin chinese language, from newbie to intermediate and complicated scholars. it may be used either independently and along the Modern Mandarin chinese language Grammar (978-0-415-82714-0), that is additionally released via Routledge.

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Chúle Mbiguó diànycng ycwài, wd ggge bù xchuan kàn biéde diànycng. a. ! "#$%&'()* ! "#$%&'()* ! "#$%& ! "#$%& Wd bù xchuan shàng Zhingwén kè. Bié de tóngxué xchuan shàng Zhingwén kè. aside from me, all the different scholars wish to visit chinese language type. 151 SITUATIONS AND services ! "#$%& ! "#$%& b. ! "#$ ! "#$ Wd qù kàn diànycng le. Tfmen qù kàn diànycng le. as well as me, in addition they went to work out a film. ! "#$%&'( ! "#$%&'( c. Wd hé wd de tóngxué diu qùguò Zhingguó. as well as me, my classmates have additionally all been to China. ! "# ! "# d. $! $! % percent $&'( $&'( Wd xué Zhingwén, yb xué Zhingguó wénxué hé Zhingguó lìshc. in addition to chinese, I additionally examine chinese language literature and chinese language background. ! " e. #$%&'() *+%&' Tf xhngqhyh dào xhngqhliù diu gingzuò. Zhc ydu xhngqhrì bù gingzuò. He works each day other than Sunday. ! "#$%&'( ! "#$%&'( f. )*+,#$' )*+,#$' Wd de tóngwj jiù xchuan zúqiú. Biéde yùndòng tf bù xchuan. with the exception of soccer, my roommate doesn’t like every activities. ! "#$%&'()*+',#-. /01234 ! "#$%&'()*+',#-. /01234 g. Wd mbitifn diu liànxí xib Hàn zì, yb thng lùyhn, fùxí yefa bìngqib niàn kèwén. as well as working towards writing characters each day, I additionally hearken to recordings, evaluate grammar, and skim the lesson aloud. ! "#$%&'()*+,"-'. /+0 ! "#$%&'()*+,"-'. /+0 h. Zhège xuéxiào, jiùshì cfnthng de fàn bù tài hao chh, bié de diu hbn hao. At this faculty, apart from the cafeteria foodstuff, every thing is superb. Í four fifty three. 2. 2 ଙ ଙ Re-write the next sentences with / lián to check the English translations, together with both dsu or yl as applicable. In each one sentence, the word to be concentrated with / lián is underlined. instance: ! "#$%&' ! "#$%&' ! "#()$%& ! "#()$%& Wd ggge bù xchuan kàn diànycng. Tf bù xchuan kàn Mbiguó diànycng. My older brother doesn’t prefer to watch videos. He doesn’t even prefer to watch American videos. → ! "#$%&'() ! "#$%&'() Tf lián Mbiguó diànycng yb bù xchuan kàn. 152 Topic, concentration, and emphasis ! "#$%&'()*% ! "#$%&'()*% a. Zhège zì yhdìng hbn nán. Laoshh bù rènshí. This personality needs to be very challenging. Even the instructor doesn’t realize it. ! "#$%&'()*+,$ ! "#$%&'()*+,$ b. Zhège zì hbn róngyì. Yh niánjí de xuésheng rènshi. This personality is so easy. Even the first 12 months scholars realize it. ! "#$%&' ! "#$%&' c. Wd méi ydu yh gè Zhingguó péngyou. I don’t have even one chinese language good friend. ! " ! " d. #$%&! '" #$%&! '" Tf bù niàn shj. Tf méi qùguò túshjguan. He doesn’t learn. He hasn’t even been to the library. ! "# ! "# e. ! ! $%&'"# $%&'"# Tf bù huì xib zì. Tf bù huì xib tf zìjc de míngzi. He can’t write characters. He can’t even write his personal identify. ! "#$%&' ! "#$%&' f. ! "()*& ! "()*& Xiao Wáng bù xchuan Mbiguó fàn. Tf bù xchuan hànbaobfo. Xiao Wang doesn’t like American nutrients. He doesn’t even like hamburgers. ! "# ! "# g. $%&# $%&# Wd bù huì zuò fàn. Wd bù huì chao jhdàn. I can’t prepare dinner. I can’t even fry an egg. ! "#$%& h. "#$ Tf mbitifn diu gingzuò. Xhngqhtifn gingzuò. He works each day. He even works on Sunday. Í five fifty three. 2. three ଙ ଙ this can be the first day of a chinese language category. each one pupil is requested to claim a couple of phrases approximately him/herself in chinese language.

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