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content material: taste and lipid chemistry of seafoods : an outline / Fereidoon Shahidi and Keith R. Cadwallader --
effect of processing at the style of seafoods / Leon C. Boyd --
position of aldehydes in cooked fish flavors / Takayuki Shibamoto and Masahiro Horiuchi --
decision of powerful odorants in ripened anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus L.) by way of aroma extract dilution research and through gasoline chromatography-olfactometry of headspace samples / Réda Triqui and Helmut Guth --
Aroma compounds of unpolluted and saved mackerel (Scomber scombrus) / C. Alasalvar, %. Quantick, and J.M. Grigor --
fuel chromatography-mass spectrometry research of unstable taste compounds in mackerel for evaluate of fish caliber / Hui-Zhen Zhang and Tung-Ching Lee --
Lipoxygenase and sulfur-containing amino acids in seafood taste formation / B.S. Pan, J.R. Tsai, L.M. Chen, and C.M. Wu --
Thermally generated flavors from seal protein hydrolysate / Chin-Fa Hwang, Fereidoon Shahidi, A.C. Onodenalore, and Chi-Tang Ho --
Character-impact aroma compounds of crustaceans / H.H. Baek and Keith R. Cadwallader --
style features and lipid composition of Atlantic salmon / Linda J. Farmer, Janice M. McConnell, and William D. Graham --
effective odorants in boiled cod as plagued by the garage of uncooked fabric / C. Milo and W. Grosch --
Manipulating the flavour of freshwater crustacea utilizing postharvest seawater acclimation / H.-J. Weng, Keith R. Cadwallader, H.H. Baek, L.R. D'Abramo, and J.A. Sullivan --
Aroma-active compounds in salt-fermented anchovy / Y.J. Cha, G.H. Lee, and Keith R. Cadwallader --
impression of nutritional peroxides and tocopherols on fillet taste of farmed atlantic salmon / R.G. Ackman, M.P.M. Parazo, and S.P. Lall --
impact of sodium potassium phosphate (Carnal 2110) on acceptability and colour of sizzling smoked white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) / Frank A. Chapman, Susan L. Lucas, and Sean F. O'Keefe --
effect of microenvironment on oxidative susceptibility of seafood lipids / Marilyn C. Erickson and Ramani V. Sista --
Marine lipids and their stabilization with eco-friendly tea and catechins / Fereidoon Shahidi, Udaya N. Wanasundara, Y. He, and V.K.S. Shukla --
research of polyunsaturated fatty acid isomeric hydroperoxides by way of high-performance liquid chromatography with post-column fluorescence detection / Toshiaki Ohshima, Hideki Ushio, and Chiaki Koizumi --
review procedure for lipid oxidation through nuclear magnetic resonance / H. Saito --
Structural features of marine lipids and training of [omega]-3 concentrates / Udaya N. Wanasundara and Fereidoon Shahidi --
Separation of [omega]-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil and stabilization of the oil opposed to autoxidation / Daeseok Han, Hyun-Kyung Shin, and Suk Hoo Yoon --
Microencapsulation and oxidative balance of docosahexaenoic acid / Pahn Shick Chang.

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